Billing Options

Traditional Billing

Traditional accounts are billed on a monthly cycle, post consumption, with all bills due and payable monthly upon receipt.

Members using traditional billing may be required to pay a deposit based upon credit history. The deposit is returned to Members when they leave the system or after 18 consecutive months with on-time payments.


  • Membership fee: $15
  • Account service charge: $20
  • Reconnect fee: $45 (additional deposit may be required, up to $100)
  • Returned check: $30
  • Trip service charge: $85 (may apply)
  • Delinquent fee: 5% of bill amount or $10, whichever is greater

Arrangements are offered once the bill is past due. Although the late fee still applies, the Member can extend their bill 7 days past the disconnect date. Arrangements must be made before the disconnect date.

Would you like to eliminate the paper bill you receive each month and simply get an e-mail alert instead?

We’ll send you a monthly email message that a new bill has been calculated. To view your bill statement and make your payment, log on to our Member Portal. From this option, you can print the bill or make a payment by credit card or e-check.

Levelized Billing

About Levelized Billing

Carroll EMC’s levelized billing makes your electric bills nearly predictable. Under levelized billing, each monthly bill is the rolling average of your electric usage for the most recent 12 months. For instance, this month’s bill would be the average electric usage of the previous 11 months, plus this month. Your electric bill will change only slightly from month to month, and the12-month rolling average guards against drastic changes in your bill, even during the coldest and hottest months. The only time you have to reconcile your account is if you leave the Carroll EMC system or if you decided you no longer want to participate in the levelized billing plan.

Levelized billing is a rotating average, so there is no settle up month (unlike budget billing). It will continue to rotate.

  • Carroll EMC takes the average of the previous 12 months to determine the levelized amount. Each month that a new bill comes out, the average is recalculated.
    • If the levelized amount is more than the actual bill, the amount over the billed amount will be put towards the Member’s arrears as a credit.
    • If the levelized amount is less than the actual bill, the difference will be added to the Member’s arrears balance as an amount owed.
  • As long as the Member is on levelized billing, they do not need to worry about the arrears.
  • Once a Member is removed from the levelized billing plan, they can be set back up when they have a zero balance.


If you’ve lived in your current home for at least 12 months, have a traditional (not PrePay) account, have a favorable credit rating and have a zero balance on your account, you may qualify for Levelized Billing. It allows you to pay about the same amount each month — making it easier to manage your energy budget. Smooth out the budget bumps of high summer and winter electric use by signing up now.

If you sign up for levelized billing, you must understand the following:

  • The Member’s account must have a zero balance and preferably 12 months of history to be put on levelized billing.
  • The amount of your levelized bill will appear on the monthly bill in the space designated “Total Amount Due.”
  • Your payment must be received in full by Carroll EMC by the due date each month.
    • If your payment is not received by the due date, you may be removed from the program.
    • Members on levelized billing should not pay ahead or before their account is billed. This could cause an adverse effect on the monthly balance calculation. Do not pay ahead without notifying Carroll EMC (this includes energy assistance).
    • No arrangements are allowed when a Member is signed up for levelized billing. If an arrangement is needed, the Member must come off of levelized billing, and the total balance must be paid.
  • You may withdraw from the program at any time.

There is no charge to be placed on levelized billing, and Members may return to regular billing at any time by notifying Carroll EMC and by paying the total amount due on the bill.



Levelized Billing Application




Using PrePay lets you pay when you want, in the amounts you want.

Instead of receiving a traditional paper bill that is generated once each month, usage is calculated daily. PrePay customers never pay a late charge and are not charged costly disconnect and reconnect fees if the account runs out of credit. You will be asked to have your account current, including any unbilled usage.

Please note: PrePay accounts cannot receive e-bills. 

PrePay FAQs

Do I pay a deposit to use PrePay?

There is not deposit required for PrePay Members.

New Carroll EMC Members pay a standard $15 membership fee, $20 service charge and $30 PrePay credit balance. Your total amount due is $65 when applying for PrePay service as a new Member.

*Please note, service will not be connected until the account reflects a $30.00 credit

How will I know when my balance is low?

When you set up your PrePay account, you will select the balance at which you will begin to receive a low-balance notice. Notices can be received via email, automated calling service or text message.

How can I check my balance?

Check your balance 24/7 by calling 770-832-3552, pressing “2” and then entering your account number. You may also check your balance bY responding “BAL” to the text alerts, through the mobile app or by logging into the Member portal

How do I track my daily power usage?

Log on to Carroll EMC’s Member Portal or download the free Carroll EMC mobile app. On the Member Portal, click the tab labeled “My Usage” to check your billing, payment or usage history. If you haven’t used the Member Portal before, click “New User” to set up your User ID and password. You can check your account information from a desktop computer or a mobile device.

How do I make payments?

You can purchase more power 24/7, even on weekends and holidays, at a PaySite kiosk. Payments can also be made on Carroll EMC’s mobile app and website, by responding “PAY” and the amount you want to add to the text alerts, by telephone or at any Carroll EMC office location. 

What happens if I don't make a payment?

If you do not purchase more power, the meter will stop and the power will turn off. However, once a payment is made within five days of the power going off and you have at least a $10 credit, your power will reconnect.

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