Operation Round Up®

Carroll EMC was established when neighbors helped neighbors achieve the goal of getting electricity to improve their quality of life. Almost 80 years later, our electric cooperative is still going strong – lasting proof that great things are possible when people pull together for a common purpose.

Operation Round Up® is one way Carroll EMC Members continue to work together. Operation Round Up® lets Carroll EMC Members volunteer to have their electric bills rounded up to the next highest whole dollar, with the extra change dedicated to charitable causes. Though a donation of less than a dollar may not sound like much, this “small change” given on a regular basis amounts to big support for our local communities. It’s an easy way to show you care.

Funds collected for Operation Round Up® are distributed by the Carroll EMC Foundation Board of Trustees. Since 2001, when the co-op introduced Operation Round Up®, more than $4.5 million has been granted to nonprofit organizations and worthy projects in the cooperative’s service area.


How It Works

If you choose to participate, your electric bill is automatically rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. For example, a bill amount of $94.33 would be rounded up by 67 cents for a total due of $95. The additional 67 cents is your Operation Round Up® donation for that month. Carroll EMC will track your tax-deductible donations and provide an annual statement of your charitable contributions.


Ask A Question

For more information, contact us at (770) 832-3552 or member.services@cemc.com

Operation Round Up® Application

Operation Round Up Application
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