Rate Calculators

Are you trying to manage your energy usage or get an idea of what your electric bill will look like? Use the calculators below to get an estimate for your traditional or PrePay account.

Simply plug in your kilowatt-hours (kWh) used and your county’s sales tax, and the calculator will do all the work.

Please note: Operation Round Up and outdoor lights are not included in these calculations.  

PCA: The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is used to adjust the rates charged to Members when the price for fuel to generate electricity (primarily natural gas and coal) rises and falls over time. Depending on how much Carroll EMC’s wholesale producers pay for generation fuels, PCAs can be additions or subtractions. If not for the PCA clause in the rate, we would have to make our rates higher to make sure we recover the wholesale power cost.

Base Charge: The base charge is a monthly charge that assists in recovering part of the fixed costs associated with the delivery of power to your location each month. These costs are incurred by the cooperative regardless of the amount of electricity used.

County Sales Tax: Sales tax varies by county.

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