Where clean energy blooms

Your electric cooperative is dedicated to providing sustainable and innovative solutions to meet energy needs now and into the future. 

Our latest venture, the Smartflower, is an addition to our renewable energy initiatives, designed to harness the power of the sun in a beautiful way. Inspired by nature, this innovative technology represents our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future and serves as an educational tool about renewables and other parts of the generation mix including nuclear, natural gas, hydro and others. 

The Smartflower is located at our headquarters along Highway 113 in Carrollton. Visit from dawn until dusk to admire the new technology.

What is a Smartflower?

The Smartflower is not your ordinary solar panel system; it is a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing solar energy installation that mimics the elegance of a real flower. 

How does the Smartflower work?

Smartflower blooms each morning when the sun rises and tracks from east to west throughout the day, aiming to be more efficient than regular solar panels. In the evening, the flower folds its panels and stows away for the night. 

During bad weather, the flower adjusts its petals to prevent damage. At 35 MPH winds, it rotates horizontal, and at 40 MPH winds, it completely folds up.

How much power does the Smartflower produce?

The Smartflower is 2.5 kilowatt system. Currently, it is producing 1.5% of the energy needed to power Carroll EMC’s administration building. 

The average rooftop solar system is a 7 kilowatt system, so the Smartflower produces approximately 1/4 of the energy needed to power the typical home on a hot, summer day. It produces 40% more energy annually than the normal rooftop solar system because of its rotating panels.

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