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Welcome to Carroll EMC!


Carroll EMC is aware of a group of PrePay Members who have concerns with their balances following Winter Storm Benji. We feel it is important to note that no one has been charged for electricity they haven’t used or paid more for the electricity they did use. Our Member Services department has worked diligently to help the PrePay Members to resolve any confusion and create a solution to keep their accounts in positive balances.


When communication is lost to a meter, our system estimates a balance for each day by calculating an average usage based on the prior ten days. The confusion was caused when our communication system created alerts for our PrePay members during the outage based on these averages and not actual usage. Going from 45-degree weather to 20-degree weather during the storm and having household systems like HVAC, freezers, refrigerators, water heaters and other household appliances ramping up after power restoration caused energy spikes for everyone, including monthly-billed users.  Once everyone’s meters reconciled actual usage by Tuesday and Wednesday, many people still owed more money on their PrePay accounts.  

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