Traditional Billing

Traditional Billing

Traditional accounts are billed on a monthly cycle, post consumption, with all bills due and payable monthly upon receipt.

Members using traditional billing may be required to pay a deposit based upon credit history. The deposit is returned to Members when they leave the system or after 18 consecutive months with on-time payments.


  • Membership fee: $15
  • Account service charge: $20
  • Reconnect fee: $45 (additional deposit may be required, up to $100)
  • Returned check: $30
  • Trip service charge: $85 (may apply)
  • Delinquent fee: 5% of bill amount or $10, whichever is greater

Arrangements are offered once the bill is past due. Although the late fee still applies, the Member can extend their bill 7 days past the disconnect date. Arrangements must be made before the disconnect date.

Would you like to eliminate the paper bill you receive each month and simply get an e-mail alert instead?

We’ll send you a monthly email message that a new bill has been calculated. To view your bill statement and make your payment, log on to our Member Portal. From this option, you can print the bill or make a payment by credit card or e-check.

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