Carroll EMC Promotes System Engineering Leadership

Jan 2, 2024

Carroll EMC announces the promotion of Jarrod Kilgore to Manager of System Engineering and Tyler Collins to System Engineering Supervisor, effective immediately. This transition of leadership ensures the long-term reliable and efficient design and operation of the cooperative’s electrical system.

“Power distribution is constantly evolving,” said James Layton, Vice President of Engineering and Technology. “These guys have proven over and over again that they are up for the challenge and have demonstrated expert problem-solving skills when implementing new technology to better serve our members. Their behind-the-scenes work is key to an innovative future.”

Kilgore began his career at Carroll EMC as a student employee in 2009 while attending Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) to earn his electrical engineering degree. Upon graduation, he was hired as a full-time System Engineer and assisted with designing and carrying out projects like SCADA and Distribution Automation, both controlled system operations. He was later promoted to System Engineering Supervisor where he continued supporting engineering functions but also oversaw the cooperative’s control center and personnel. During this time, Kilgore earned his Professional Engineering (PE) License which required a degree, four years of study under another PE as well as an eight-hour, comprehensive exam.

In his new role, Kilgore will remain responsible for system designs and plans while adopting additional direct reports from apparatus, metering and system engineering, including Collins.

“Jarrod has a bright future ahead of him,” Layton said. “In the seemingly short time he’s been at the cooperative, he has made significant strides both professionally and personally. He will be an asset for the cooperative far into the future as he continues to develop his skills and helps others develop theirs.”

In passing the torch of supervisor, Collins will assume the former duties of Kilgore and supervise the control center where technicians dispatch crews and manage outages or system disruptions 24/7. Collins has a similar work history with Carroll EMC having begun in 2013 as a student employee while studying electrical engineering at SPSU. He was hired as a System Engineer after obtaining his degree. Collins is currently working towards his PE license.

“I’m looking forward to seeing this transition of leadership in the department,” Layton adds. “It will be pleasing to see how their roles evolve and complement one another and continue to benefit the cooperative’s employees and members.”

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