Carroll EMC Hosts Electric Vehicle Safety Training for First Responders

Apr 26, 2024

In response to the growing presence of electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads, Carroll EMC is proud to announce the launch of a pioneering training initiative aimed at equipping first responders with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely manage incidents involving EVs. For two days in mid-April, the cooperative hosted more than 70 local first responders from Carroll, Haralson, Heard, Paulding and Polk counties for a half-day training session to prepare them to respond to incidents involving electric vehicles and the unique challenges they present.

Taught by Jack Voltz, a 30-plus year fireman veteran, attendees learned about components of an EV, including battery systems, charging infrastructure and safety protocols. They learned effective strategies for managing EV fires, including proper extinguishing agents and techniques. Voltz also shared the history of electric vehicles and debunked myths surrounding them. Additionally, attendees experienced a first-hand look at the inner workings of several different electric vehicles, including a Ford Lightning, Tesla, Chevrolet Bolt and Mustang Mach-E.

“With the increasing prevalence of electric vehicle options, Carroll EMC wants to stay ahead of the curve,” shares Matt Young, Manager of Safety, Training and Loss Control with Carroll EMC. “One of the guiding principles of a cooperative is education, training and information. Carroll EMC takes that to heart, and we are committed to empowering first responders with the knowledge they need to safeguard our communities. We have invested in this training to take proactive steps to enhance public safety around electric vehicles.”

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