Right of Way Maintenance

Right of Way Maintenance

Trees and Your Power

Tree limbs falling on electric power lines are the number one cause of power outages. Carroll EMC's top priority is to provide you with reliable, affordable, uninterrupted electric power. To accomplish this, Member cooperation is needed to help us maintain power line right-of-ways.


Plant Smart

Help reduce the number of power outages in your neighborhood by planting trees and shrubs so they do not obstruct overhead lines or underground line transformer boxes. At full maturity, plants should be at least 15 feet from overhead lines. Keep shrubs at least 10 feet from the sides and backs of underground transformers; do not plant anything directly in front to allow repair and maintenance crews access to the equipment.


If you Remove a Tree

Contact Carroll EMC at 770-832-3552 if you (or a contractor) will be removing trees in close proximity to power lines. The cooperative will provide assistance if necessary to prevent damage to power facilities and possible safety hazards associated with tree removal along the power line right-of-way.

Carroll EMC does not trim or remove trees that threaten the service wire that connects directly to a customer’s home. However, the cooperative can disconnect it while tree surgeons remove the tree.


Right-of-Way Maintenance

Carroll EMC’s extensive right-of-way maintenance procedures protect power quality and prevent outages by keeping plant growth a reasonable distance from electric lines.

Why is tree trimming necessary?
Limbs brushing against lines can cause blinks and temporary outages. If limbs that overhang electric lines are properly managed, you're also less likely to have a prolonged outage when storms occur. The major cause of storm-related outage is when ice or wind breaks limbs that bring our lines crashing down. But the most important reason to keep trees trimmed away from power lines is safety. No one wants a tree close enough to a power line that would allow a playful child to climb up and be in danger.
What if I don't cooperate with Carroll EMC in trimming my trees?
You and your neighbors are likely to experience power quality problems and longer than necessary storm-related outages. It takes three to four times longer to restore power when crews have to work around untrimmed or topped trees. Also, you could be held liable if a child in a tree on your property contacts a power line.
How often do you trim trees?
A crew tries to reach every line on the Carroll EMC system once every four years.
How much do you trim?
By law, Carroll EMC has a 15-foot right-of-way on either side of the line. This right-of-way provides a path for maintaining and repairing the lines.
What happens to the limbs cut on my property?
Limbs that are cut are removed within 2-3 business days. The crews clean up after themselves.
Are tree-trimming crews employees of the co-op?
Carroll EMC contracts with companies to do its right-of-way maintenance. These contract crews are highly skilled, properly equipped and under the supervision of Carroll EMC employees responsible for maintenance of the co-op's right-of-way. Hiring contract crews saves money, which keeps rates down.