Outside Electrical Safety

Outside Electrical Safety

Review these safety rules and teach your children how to stay safe around electricity outdoors.


Never tamper with your electric meter, as it is illegal and you could risk shock, explosion or fire. Learn More


Power Lines

  • Consider any electrical line dangerous.
  • Stay away and keep others back from fallen power lines (including telephone and cable TV lines). Always assume the line is energized and extremely danagerous. If you see a downed line, call Carroll EMC immediately at 770-832-3552.
  • Never touch a person or object (such as a tree) in contact with a power line. Do not attempt to move the power line. Call 911 immediately.
  • Do not drive a car underneath low hanging power lines or over downed power lines. If your car comes in contact with power lines, stay in the vehicle until emergency or utility personnel arrive to help. If the vehicle is on fire or otherwise too dangerous to stay inside, exit it by standing on the doorframe and jumping clear.
  • When working outside, look up. Never use machinery or ladders underneath power lines without at least 10 feet of clearance.
  • Keep clear of any electrical lines when making home improvements such as roofing, painting, or replacing siding. Contact Carroll EMC at 770-832-3552 if you need to perform any work around these lines.
  • Use extreme caution on rooftops. Take care to stay away from power lines when working with antennas or other objects.
  • Do not allow children to play on utility poles or guy wires, or climb trees in proximity to overhead power lines.
  • Never attempt to remove kites, tree limbs or any other object from any power lines.  Contact Carroll EMC to remove the object safely.
  • Don't build anything or plant trees under overhead power lines.
  • Call the Utilities Protection Center (811) before you do any type of digging or work adjacent to underground or overhead power lines. Call Before You Dig


Service Crews

When you see Carroll EMC crews and equipment along roadsides, slow down and proceed with care.


Underground Electrical Transformers

  • Never allow children to play on electrical underground pad-mounted transformers (green boxes marked "Caution: High Voltage").
  • Never attempt to open the lid or doors of any underground enclosure.
  • If you notice a damaged or unlocked pad-mount transformer, call Carroll EMC at 770-832-3552.
  • Never plant shrubs or flowers around a transformer. Leave clear access to the unit for utility workers.