Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Brighten up your home or business, and make it more attractive, with Carroll EMC’s outdoor lighting. Having outdoor lights makes play areas brighter for children and lets you stay outside longer to enjoy outdoor activities.


Economical and Easy

Carroll EMC outdoor lighting features:

  • Low, fixed monthly fee added to electric bill
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation
  • Maintenance and light replacement included
  • Installation by the co-op (restrictions may apply)


Expert Assistance

Our outdoor lighting comes in several styles for many different applications, from residential driveways and yards to commercial parking lots and walkways. Call 770-832-3552 to schedule an appointment for a custom outdoor lighting survey. We’ll help you select the right style, lamp type and wattage to meet your particular needs.


Residential Lighting Solutions

Two of our most popular residential lights:

  • 100-watt high-pressure sodium light
  • Mounted on 20-foot black fiberglass pole
  • Underground wiring
  • Available in a variety of wattages
  • Mounted on 25-foot wood pole
  • Overhead or underground wiring


Commercial Lighting Solutions

Carroll EMC offers attractive, affordable lighting options for subdivisions, churches, recreation areas, apartment complexes, streets, industrial sites, auto dealerships, storage yards, shopping centers and more. Call 770-832-1079 for a custom outdoor lighting consultation.