Medical Priority

Medical Priority

Carroll EMC cannot guarantee uninterruptible service, so if you or a family member depends on a medical life-support device, you are responsible for providing a back-up source of power for the medical device or having a plan to evacuate to a facility that is not affected by the power outage (fire station, hospital, etc).

However, to qualify for " medical priority" status, there must be someone living permanently in your home who depends on life-sustaining equipment (i.e. electrically driven oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, suction machine, feeding pump, dialysis machine).

Having your account flagged "medical priority" means that we would attempt to contact you by telephone, if your line needed to be de-energized (for repair, upgrading, etc.), and inform you of the expected length of outage,

Please note, however, that it does not exempt you from being disconnected for nonpayment or for outages due to uncontrollable reasons.

In order to place your account on "medical priority", we need confirmation from your doctor.