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Co-op Crashers


On May 8-9, 2012, Carroll EMC began production of a video titled “Co-op Crashers.” This video is based on the DIY Network’s shows “House Crashers” and “Yard Crashers.” It follows the host looking for an individual in a local hardware store who’s willing to let the crew come to their house and make energy efficiency upgrades, while filming the entire process. The host finds a willing participant, then they visit the person’s house and conduct a walk-through to point out areas that need to be upgraded. The next day, the host and crew come back to the house and, along with some of the homeowner’s friends and family, begin making changes throughout the house to help it be more energy efficient.

Carroll EMC wanted to produce this video as a way to educate its Members on steps they could take in their own homes to make them more energy efficient and help them save money on their power bills. Instead of having a monotonous walk-through using a lot of technical terms, the co-op wanted this video to be “edu-tainment” (educational entertainment). Carroll EMC Communications Manager, Jay Gill, explained this concept as, “…a way to show our Members how to save money on their power bills, but it’s also entertaining.”

To film the video, Carroll EMC hired Lance Dreesen, a professional writer/director out of Atlanta, to help write and shoot the piece. The host was played by Atlanta-area actor, Jackson Walker, who has had roles in “The Way Home (2010),” “The Final Destination (2009),” “Madea Goes to Jail (2009),” and “The Great Debaters (2007)” in addition to several TV roles.

The film runs roughly the equivalent of a half-hour television show (20+ minutes), and has also been split into shorter segments that illustrate specific energy saving tips. Click here to watch "Co-op Crashers."

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