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About Carroll EMC


Carroll EMC serves approximately 49,000 meters. 94% of these are residential and 6% are commericial and industrial accounts. Carroll EMC's service area covers approximately 1,100 square miles in Carroll, Haralson, Heard, Paulding, Polk,Troup and Floyd counties in western Georgia. The Cooperative maintains four office locations. The main office is in Carrollton and district offices are in Buchanan, Franklin and Villa Rica.

The system covers approximately 5,300 miles of line with 25 distribution substations distributing more than 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually to 49,400 meters. Wholesale electricity is purchased primarily from Oglethorpe Power Corporation (an electric generation and transmission cooperative) and from other wholesalers.

The association was founded in 1936 by local farmers and homeowners after being told by urban power companies that rural electricity was financially infeasible. The system’s first 117 miles of service lines were built and energized in 1937 in Carroll and Heard counties.

As a cooperative, Carroll EMC embodies a business philosophy of operating at the lowest possible cost for its Members, who each share in the business’s ownership. The utility is not-for-profit, and Members have democratic control.

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